Recently, a handwritten advertisement has been circulating on social media, drawing significant attention. The note details a search for apartments to buy, specifying a willingness to consider those in need of renovations and an assurance of a safe transaction. The author prefers dealing directly with property owners rather than through agents. After providing contact numbers and a message of gratitude for any responses, online communities have linked the note to a questionable Facebook account, prompting a debate over the true nature of the advertised inquiry.

First step – find social media account

The investigation into the authenticity of the handwritten apartment-seeking advertisement commenced with a crucial first step: identifying the associated social media account. Given that Facebook’s own search function can be somewhat limited, alternative methods were employed. You can use Google’s advanced search capabilities, known as “Google dorks,” which can pinpoint specific information on Facebook through refined queries. Another approach is using the Yandex search engine, which is recognized for its thorough indexing of Facebook content, offering another avenue to track down the dubious account in question.

The investigation led to the discovery of the Eteria Consulting Facebook page. While the contact number currently listed on the page differs from those in the handwritten note, a review of older posts on the page reveals that the number from the note was previously associated with the account.

Eteria Consulting?

As we can read on Eteria Consultin website, it is a firm dedicated to raising the standards in the Polish real estate market, founded on a passion for people and a commitment to building trusted and transparent partnerships with clients. Their key activities encompass traditional real estate transactions elevated through innovative methods. These include property sales utilizing their unique “ETER” method, purchasing assistance, rentals, and leasing services, as well as expert investment advice to enhance property values and expedite sales processes. They pride themselves on overcoming challenges, protecting client assets, and maximizing capital growth. Their approach is built on values of excellence, safety, empathy, effectiveness, focus, determination, honesty, and responsibility.

So who is ‘Franciszek’ and his family?

Through our analysis, we obtained the phone numbers 798 521 363, 572 113 798, and 519 478 143. The first two numbers were found on the handwritten note. To uncover the real identity of ‘Franciszek and family’, we utilized OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) tools provided by OSINT Industries, enabling us to conduct a more in-depth investigation into these contacts.

+48 572 113 798

The initial results from the OSINT Industries investigation for the phone number +48572113798 have revealed that this number is registered on WhatsApp. The associated profile image shows a young individual with short, wavy hair.

+48 798 521 363

The investigation results for the second number reveal an account registered to a male, aged 54, with the given name and user ID presented as “aniko4142 wono wono.” The location is indicated as Dresden, Germany. This account is also registered on WhatsApp and linked to a Facebook profile with a partially obscured email address. The profile picture on WhatsApp displays a professional-looking young man, contrasting a little bit with age on Okru profile.

Final visualization in our OSINT Investigation Platform looks like this:

Who knows, maybe one of them is “Franciszek”? 😉